Dog returned to shelter 3 times finally adopted

Dog returned to shelter 3 times finally adopted

This is a true story about Brandy @herwanderingpaws

Hey I'm Brandy! I was rescued in July 2019 when my Momma was volunteering at the shelter. She originally fell in love with a different dog but luck for me Baxter got adopted. My Momma knew that she would be able to find another dog and since Baxter got adopted it probably just wasn't meant to be.

The next day when she came into the shelter I was the first one she took out to play. It was love at first sight. I did all my tricks and she stayed and played with me all day so no one else would come and find me. Then she told me she would see me in two sleeps because the holiday was the next day and the shelter would be close. I was so thankful for only having two more sleeps in my kennel.

Although I was a little nervous because I had been sent back to the shelter 3 times and didn't want it to happen again. To my surprise Momma came back for me and I never ended up going back to the shelter. I guess I'm a third time's the charm rescue and I am furever grateful For the family I ended up with. Everything happens for a reason let fate take it's course and it will workout! 

Brandy is wearing a Crafts 4 Rescues bandana. In one of the photos Brandy is smelling her customized dog ear sticker. A big thank you to Brandy's Dog Mom for submitting Brandy's story.
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