I get just as much from fostering as the animals do...

I get just as much from fostering as the animals do...

Have you ever wondered what fostering a dog is like? Fosters 4 Rescues is our new series where we are working with foster pet parents. To share information about fostering pets. Today we talked with Sarah, @foster_babes_ about their foster stories.

Here is their story written in their perspective. 

My name is Sarah and I am a foster mom to pets in need. All it took was an email with the  subject line, “Running Out of Time.” I didn’t need to see the soulful eyes looking up at me from  the screen to know that I would do anything possible to save a life. Fostering is hard. Fostering is  fulfilling. But most importantly, fostering saves lives.  

I began fostering animals while living in Chicago, IL. I volunteered with many organizations  such as the Anti-Cruelty Society (ACS) and Forever Fortunate Felines (FFF). As an animal-lover  since childhood, I couldn’t wait to get involved. While you may see the glamorous side of our  work, there is so much more behind the cute photos – 2am feedings, behavioral problems, and  poop. Lots of poop. Now, I foster and volunteer for the Idaho Humane Society (IHS) in Boise,  ID. With so many shelters and rescues across the country, I choose to volunteer with those that  focus on animal welfare and human education.  

I believe that I get just as much from fostering as the animals do. As I prepare them for a life of  love with a new family, I learn how to show compassion and patience without prejudice. I get the  opportunity to assist someone in finding the perfect companion. And of course, I get plenty of  wet nose kisses and snuggles. The best outcome of fostering was actually a “failure” as I adopted  a senior cat from ACS – Snowball. As part of a hoarding situation, Snowball lived with over 10  other cats and dogs in a small apartment before her owner passed away. I nursed her back to  health with caloric meals, antibiotics, and plenty of love. She is forever a part of my heart and I  never would have met her if not for the ACS fostering program. “Foster failing” isn’t the  expectation, just a happy accident. My first fosters from IHS, who I like to call my “soul mutts,”  were surrendered in a large litter of puppies after the owner found their care to be too expensive.  These 8-week-old adorable pups kept me on my toes, but nothing is better than seeing a healthy  puppy drive away with a loving family. 

Fostering isn’t just about the animals. This task is intricately woven into the tapestry of human  life. While fostering puts a bandage on the issue of overcrowded shelters and under-socialized  animals, our society is bleeding. Too many families are forced to surrender a pet due to eviction,  homelessness, and poverty. Without addressing the root issues that cause animal abandonment,  our job will never be done. You must be just as passionate about human welfare as animal care.  One of my favorite foster cases was a cat that needed a safe place to stay while their human  found stable housing. The tears of joy during the reunion were a powerful reminder of why I  foster.  

I encourage every animal-lover to try fostering. People always ask, “How do you give them up?”  That’s the easy part. Knowing that I’ve prepared my fosters to love and be loved gives me peace  of mind as I hand them off to their happily-ever-after. So, why not foster? Not only are you  saving lives, but you may just find your soul mutt. 

To learn more about fostering, reach out to Sarah on Instagram @foster_babes_ or by email at thefosterbabes.gmail.com.

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