How to connect with other small businesses: Interview with Small Biz Buzz Magazine

How to connect with other small businesses: Interview with Small Biz Buzz Magazine

Hello everyone Im Victoria founder of Crafts 4 Rescues and today I am interviewing K from Small Biz Buzz Magazine. In this interview I ask K the best tips of how to run a magazine and how to connect better with other small businesses. 

First off I will start by asking K What is your favorite animal?  

My favorite animals are giraffes, bees, and koalas.

What are the best tools/apps that you use to organize/edit your magazine and posts?

I use Canva to set up my magazine, and Procreate Pocket to make my digital art! I also use Procreate Pocket to make my story templates, and I sometimes use Canva to make collages reels. I don’t ever really plan out my feed, but I use the notes app to keep track of collabs and posts I have coming up!

What advice would you give to someone just starting their own Magazine?

Although increase of readers is amazing, do not beat yourself up for loosing readers. I would also say that just because someone says they don’t like a certain section, that doesn’t mean you have to totally get rid of it! Don’t let haters get to you! I’d also recommend using Canva, because it is pretty simple to use!

How does your magazine look different now vs. when you first started?

My magazine now is so much different, and looks so much better than my first issue! For my first issue, I used a butterfly photo I took for the cover, but I like my covers so much more now that people from the small biz community are getting to help make them! My first few issues had barely any small biz owners in them, but now I have about 20 per issue, which is crazy! The first few issues just had a very simple plain background, where now I have different gradient backgrounds for the pages. The first issues were also super short. They only had about 10-13 pages each! The main thing about my magazine that I’m the happiest about is how much better the appearance of it looks compared to when I first started!


What is the hardest part of being an magazine owner?

I would probably have to say time management because sometimes it will be Sunday when the issue needs to launch, and interviews have not been done yet. I have gotten much better at this aspect though! It is also pretty hard to decide what to include in each issue, because I don’t want them to be the exact same, but it is sometimes hard to come up with new sections!

Do you have any tips on small businesses finding magazines or other media to be a part of? 

I would definitely recommend checking out my website because I have links to other magazines and podcasts and things I’ve been in in the past, so you can reach out to some of those people!

I’d definitely recommend following because she is a magazine that always has tons of ways for businesses to be included in her mag! I always put on my story ways to be in my mag, so keep an eye on my story! Make sure to always be looking for opportunities to spread the word about your business! You can also put things on your story that say something to the effect of “hi I’m looking to be in magazines and podcasts, so dm me if you have one you want to include me in!”

Thank you for reading the interview of K from Small Biz Buzz Magazine. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. If you have time please go check out K's account to get small biz inspiration and more!

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