Izzy survived a puppy mill and pneumonia, here is her brave story

Izzy survived a puppy mill and pneumonia, here is her brave story

This is a true story about Isadora a rescue dog. @izzy_thecavalierkingcharles is telling Isadora's story from Isadora's point of view. This is the first of the many rescue dogs in our bandanas that we will feature so be sure to follow our social media and check our website to see if we made any new posts! now lets dive into Isadora's story. 

Hi, I'm Isadora, but you can call me Izzy! At 5 months old I was rescued from an Amish Ohio Puppy Mill. My health was rapidly declining and the farmer decided to surrender me to the rescue instead of killing me. I arrived in Vermont filled with parasites, a severe upper respiratory infection, an open fontanel, and a massive overbite. All of which is common for puppy mill dogs, and all of which is uncommon when being bred responsibly. For all that I had been through, my heart was ready for my furever home.

Immediately after I was adopted, I went to our vet and it was determined I had pneumonia. We spent countless nights in front of the humidifier, treatments, coupage, medications, vet visits, and specialists. At one point an on-call vet advised for me to be put down due to my declining health; luckily my pawrents didn't listen. I continued to fight day in and day out. After 7 long months, I was pneumonia free!

It was determined that I have an elongated palate and malfunctioning larynx, which causes me to aspirate water into my lungs, causing pneumonia-- which could have been avoided if my farmer would have responsibly bred us. It is highly likely that my parents and siblings have the same condition.

Today, I am feeling much better! I still cannot drink water, but I have a special diet and receive subq fluids under my skin. I also do not like to have my neck or ears touched, because that's how the farmer would get me out of the cage, by pulling on my ears as I was scared for my life. It took me over a year to finally lay on my pawrents laps. I am fearful of most people's touch, even though my tail wags. I'm afraid to trust others due to the fact how I was mistreated my whole life until I was rescued.

With all my hardships my pawrents and I have gone through, we knew we had to do something. We are big advocates to end puppy mills and educating others on rescuing and buying responsibly! I am the top dog ambassador for Stop Online Puppy Mills. My mom is also petitioning to ban pet stores from selling puppy mill dogs in our town, we hope to then take it statewide, naming it Izzy's Law.

Check out https://www.izzythecavalierkingcharles.com/ to learn more about Izzy

Izzy is wearing a Crafts 4 Rescues Best dog ever blue bandana. A big thank you to Izzys Pawrents for submitting Izzy's story and what they are trying to do with Izzy's Law. 

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