Juliet the rescue dog a true story about a Pitbull

This is a true story about Juliet @deeringcottage. Juliet is a playful and lovable 6 y.o. pitbull mix. This 60 lb lapdog started her life with a family who couldn’t keep her, so they dropped her off at Animal Control. Before she could be euthanized, Juliet was rescued by the Humane Society where she stayed for over a year.

Juliet showed a lot of intelligence, and was selected to live at the county jail for an inmate training program. Fate stepped in and her mom spotted her at the shelter before she left. Juliet’s breed is off-putting to many, as pitbulls have a bad reputation for aggression because too humans have abused or neglected them. But Juliet’s mom was struck by Cupid’s arrow and had to get her out of the shelter. Once home, Juliet jumped up on the bed and proceeded to take a long nap. When Juliet is not snoozing, she’s chasing squirrels in the backyard, hiking the north Georgia mountains, and waiting patiently for treats (she loves pizza and peanut butter).

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